About Stormcon

Since 1997, Stormcon has been working with companies to keep them in compliance with EPA, TCEQ, and local government regulations. As one of the few full service stormwater protection companies in Texas, Stormcon can take care of all your environmental and erosion control requirements. Stormcon has helped company after company to develop an individual, workable environmental program by giving you options on how to comply and letting you pick what options fit your company best. The key to stormwater compliance is making your plan fit your company, not forcing your company into our plan.

Our Services


Stormcon builds customized SWPPPs that fit our client’s construction plans, instead of having our clients fit into pre-manufactured SWPPPs.

Site Inspections

Stormcon can provide weekly stormwater inspections using customized reports or the StormPro Max electronic inspection forms. These inspections wil assist you in staying in compliance and be informed of any deficiencies that need to be addressed.


Stormcon offers various training classes from educating project managers about stormwater compliance to training our client’s current employeees to become qualfiied in-house inspectors.