General Construction

Stormcon, LLC has worked with numerous General Contractors to prepare SWPPPs for their projects that combine meeting all the requirements of the TCEQ GCP and following their erosion control plan that has been designed for that particular project. Along with development of the SWPPP, Stormcon makes sure all NOIs are created, signed, and submitted for the General Contractor and the Owner if they are indeed an operator as defined by TCEQ.

Our SWPPPs are turn-key. Once we receive the civil engineering plans and required information about the project, Stormcon takes care of the rest. Turn-key includes:

  • Completed SWPPP
  • Creation of NOIs/NOCs/NOTs
  • Submitting NOIs to TCEQ
  • Notifications to MS4s


The TCEQ GCP allows for two types of routine inspections, bi-weekly and after a .5 in rain event or once every 7 days. Stormcon preforms weekly inspections once every 7 days. We use a software called StromPro Max to input the inspection report and that report is then sent electronically to the client. Stormcon does work with clients who have different inspection software, which our inspectors are then trained on and preform their weekly inspection using whichever system the client prefers.

Rain event inspections sometimes are required by city ordinances. Stormcon continues to build relationships with MS4s so we can keep up with changes in stormwater ordinances and make sure there is open communication between our clients and the MS4.

Upon the first inspection, a Stormcon inspector will deliver and post all necessary postings.


Stormcon offers several types of training programs for our land developer. Contact us to learn more about our training courses which include:

  • On-site training for project managers to identify deficiencies in BMPs, knowledge of what is included in a SWPPP, how to make sure the SWPPP is being followed, and what to do if a regulator visits the site.
  • Company classes on a variety of stormwater compliance topics